What is your most favorite question which you ask on a first date?

What is your most favorite question which you ask on a first date?

What about a question which can open up both people to talk?

This is actually the smartest question I've ever asked =)
Are there any other questions you like to ask or wish you were asked?


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  • "What kind of music do you like?"

    • This is a good questions but it sounds like its a yes/no question. A

    • No it asks what genres do you like making them answer in depth.

    • Yeeeeeahhhh! I love depth answers =) Well what if I say that my favorite music is house music and start talking about it and you never even heard it :) a) I could tell you about some awesome performers if you look interested b) I would try to make you fall in love from first sight with that music genre c) I would change a topic if you look uniterested and lost

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  • what's your deepest, darkest secret?

    no one ever told me their deepest, darkest secret on the first date...but the way they responded to it gave me insight into their personalities... there were some pretty awesome reactions :p

    • You ask everyone that question. Predictable! =P

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    • well, then I guess I'd learn something that was really important to them... it would only bring us closer imo... not unless the secret was something I couldn't understand/empathize.

    • I forgot you are a girl =). When it comes to serious talks I'm not the man who will lend you his ears ^^^

  • "So, what kind of underwear do you wear?"

    Haha gets them every time.

  • what are you fond of?

    • Lets imagine that me and you are on the date and I am asking you "what are you fond of" anonymous user? How would you reply? Just curious.

    • i would`t share anything like that to an anonymous.

  • what do you like to do for fun?

    says a lot about a person

    • A really good question. I ask it almost every single girl I meet. it opens them up and lets them speak about themselves. Its so easy to grab any 1 out of 10 things s/he says and just keep chatting.

      What do you like about this question?

    • it shows their interests and hobbies which is important. and if they say, oh the usual. then we might have a problem

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  • i would ask" So what do you love/like to do for fun?"

    With that I can interpret their personality a bit and find out if we can be compatible at the same time.

    • How often do you ask that question? and what type of responses do you usually get?

    • quite often, I don't go out on much dates, more hang out with the girls and the mostly tell me their hobbies,interests,etc. " I like to read, Paint, play a musical instrument, etc"

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