What sort of situation would you think this is?

i like a girl. girl liked me over summer. made plans to hang out but never went through with them. I send texts every now and then and she always responds. sometimes response is hours late but she always responds. there're many more details but I just listed the simple ones. if you need more details just ask

yes she's single. and its usually me but she texts me first sometimes
the plans didn't go through because I didn't call back to perfect the plans and confirm its happening, so I basically ditched her (really stupid mistake on my part). I did apologize afterwards though
it was just a movie. and she did used to text more


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  • just from reading what you put, it sounds like she's half way interested, I get like this with guys sometimes, plan to hang out but never follow thru, respond to them, and what not, and its usually when I'm interested but I'm kinda interested in someone else and I don't wana commit to either one...the fact that she even attempts to make plans with you shows some sorta interest, with me I won't even go that far if I'm DEFFF not intersted in the guy, and I DEF won't respond at all if I'm not interested, il answer a few, ignore the rest etc. but if you give more details I can prob give you a good idea on what's going on here

    • Okie dokie

    • Girls that show half way interest, you do not want at all. They'll just keep leading you on and standing you up....cause there confused and do not know what they want.

    • Yeah whoknows87 hit it on the head the hald way interest girls are confused about what they want, but I just read your update as to whyy the plan didn't go thru that time, and if that happened to me I wouldn't bother even reaching out to the guy, especially if that's what ends up happening when you make plans, come to think of it I'm in a similar situation where the guy always texts, we make plans 2 hang out etc, but its HIM who always ditches me, so I just show no interest at this point

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  • what were your plans together? was it something big or just hanging out watching a movie or something?

    maybe she's not texting because she thinks you aren't interested... if I always have to be the one to text, I get the feeling that the guy isn't really into me enough to always text me.

    and if she always responds that's definitely a good sign. if I don't like a guy, usually I won't text me back and if we happen to see each other I'll be like "oh my bad, I must not have gotten it" or "my phone was dead, I'm sorry!"

    just ask her to hang out again, make some definite plans.

    • And also - did she ever at any point in time text you more often? and then it lessened? if that's the case, she probably thinks you lost interest.

  • Going out to the movies like a date or just chillin at the house?

    A date would probably be a more serious offense lol... but if it was just hangin out watching a movie it probably isn't a big deal.

    you should just text her right now and make plans for this weekend. don't pull any punches just tell her straight out you'd like to hang out with her and if she declines, well, then you know where you stand.

    and if she agrees, well there you go :)

  • Sounds like she thinks you were leading her on, playing her, or you were scoping the market so she was your back up. She doesn't trust you, so redeem yourself by making plans with her, confirm the details (follow up on the plans) and most importantly go through with it. Try talking to her and tell her how you feel, she may just be hurt and feels stupid and therefore trying not to get too attached to you.

  • so..i don't think there is any harm,approaching her again..she might be waiting for you to approach you know..so you cud ask her out again and tell her tht you won't ditch her now :)

  • is she single?

    and does She text you once in a while or is it always u?

    i don't think there's ne harm trying to make plans to meet up..

    best of luck


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