Guys, are relationships extremely stressful for you to start?

I was just trying to think of a relationship from a guy's perspective. I like to let a guy set a pace for a relationship. It helps me keep a level head and I've always felt it would help the guy from feeling overwhelmed. But now I wonder if it's not such a relief from a guys perspective. Maybe, it's just that much more stress. Cause if a guy really likes a girl, I assume he's always wanting to make her happy, right? And when he takes time for himself, or takes space, maybe he feels stressed out or nervous about not 'tending' to a courtship that's not yet developed into a relationship yet. Any thoughts on this?


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  • i can only speak for myself..but I think I get what you're saying...personally I have felt pressure to be "on it" when I really liked someone early be the one initiating things and planning...and when I didn't have time or when I just needed time alone that pressure was still there and I felt that maybe doing that would make her think I'm backing yeah things like that can be never want to give the wrong impression when you just don't have time or whatever... this stems from insecurity when a guy matures a bit more he won't stress things as much


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