Should I give her a chance?

There is this girl that likes me and I sort of like her too, but not quiet as much as other girls. I think I should go and try to have a relationship with her, even though there isn't much attraction there.

The reasons for that are: She is the only girl that looks at me and gives me attention, I hardly get any attention from girls, I honestly go there and pick up even random women on the street but they usually give me their number but they never answer anways, so it is useless. I have tried other girls and they are too complicated, confusing, or they have this bitchy attitude which I find really annoying.

I gottaadmit she is the only girl who asks me to hang out with her, she is the only girl that asks me to go out with her, she is always taking care of me and worrying about me, she feeds me and stuff like that. And even though I don't really find her attractive, I have great times with her, like she has great personality.

I also I have to admit that I haven't got laid in a while and I am suffering from "blue balls syndrome", which means I am often horny and I can't concentrate on every day life tasks. I also feel very lonely a lot of times and well somebody to cuddle with to support me emotionally its awesome too.

I don'tknow, what do you think, should I give her a chance even though there isn't much attraction there?

Wooo I am suprised how many hipocrates there are in here/ So much for women not caring for looks anyways, a lot of these women just show how superficial and butthurt they are...ohhh well


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  • This is a human being that loves you and your thinking about getting laid. Anyway give her a chance see past her flaws and don't just date her to get laid

    • that is why I want to do give her a chance

    • I disagree. If there is no origional spark other than in his pants, it is just setting her up to be hurt.

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  • So basically you'll be going for her because she's the only thing around. Don't hurt her like that, if you don't really like her, don't be cruel and hurt someone who has feelings for you. That is very insensitive. Find someone else to sleep with and just be friends with this girl.

    • pssshhh who? you think it is easy? You seem to think it is too damn easy to get a girl?

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    • its not always about looks...i am sorry if you cannot grasp that concept.

    • You're trying to convince yourself to give the ugly girl a chance and you're telling ME it's not always about looks. Her looks is the reason you even had to ask this question. If you thought she was cute it would be no hesitation.

  • Wow is this really a question?

    • yes it is!

    • Lol I don't believe I or most women say we don't care about looks. Obviously we do.

  • It doesn't seem like you actually like her but you like the attention that she is giving you. If you aren't attracted to someone then there is not reason to try and have a relationship because she will pick on it and you will just end up hurting her in the end. And if you are just looking to get laid just go out to the club their are plenty ladies out there who are just looking for one night stands.

  • If you aren't attracted you are just leading her on. that is HORRIBLE and you should NEVER stoop to that level. If you haven't been laid, go to a bar and pick up a drunk chick.

    • hmmm I have made out plenty of times in a bar, but as far as getting a one night stand I don't remember.

    • picking up a drunk chick is worse advice. the girl has to give consent when she is sober not drunk and who cares if this chick has her feelings hurt?

    • It's easy. You just have to find the scantily clad girl that's so drunk she's humping everybody. Possibly has vodka on her shirt.

  • LOL. QA, you say you're going to get in a relationship with her but we can also read the reasons *why* you're considering a relationship too. It's better FOR THE GIRL to not even date a guy who is mainly considering her because he gets no other attention. Women would be wasting their time and setting themselves up to be hurt badly by going after men who see us as placeholders until they get the women they really want.

    I hear you when you say it's hard for you to get laid, and I'm sorry to hear that, but do you really think a girl should sacrifice her feelings and get hurt by a guy who doesn't have the same feelings for us, just because you can't get the girls you want in bed? I hate to generalize because I KNOW there are men who aren't like this, but guys like you give other guys a bad name. At the core you're being insensitive and selfish with what you're wanting to do.

    Someone else said this but there are a lot of easy girls out there who don't need to have a guy string them along for a relationship just because they can't date their fantasy girl, or the girl they really want to date. There are a lot of women who are in the same boat as you, please realize what you are talking about doing to another human being just because it's hard for you to get p****. What did the ugly girl do to you to deserve being treated as an afterthought.

    I love how you say "should I give her a chance" like you're doing her a favor. The only thing you would be doing by getting into a relationship with this girl is hurting her. You know the main reason you're even considering her is because she's the only girl hanging around. So basically you're already NOT THAT INTO HER before it even started. The beginning of the relationship is the best time in the whole affair. If you start a relationship like this, it will basically never get better. You are not gonna fall for her and have happily ever after. What will happen is, he will

    (A) date her for long enough to find a better looking girl before he leaves or starts cheating.

    (B) begin to date her. Have sex a few times then grow bored/disinterested that he's dating/f***ing a girl he isn't attracted to and become resentful before finally dumping her or cheating once he gets a better opportunity.

    So for these reasons I say NO :)

    • psssshhh you think must relationships are not like that? that is why people break up all the I am giving her a chance anyways, maybe it will turn into something better anyways. Plus like I said already I am giving her something that she wants what about me? You guys only think abotu the her, what about me man? don't I deserve some consideration as well? You guys label me as the bad guy, but you never sit to think about me and the stuff that I have gone through as well.

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    • I'm not putting you down, I'm stating the truth that you don't want to hear. If you were attractive then she wouldn't be the only girl paying attention to you. The fact that she's the best you can do and you keep getting rejected shows that you are not attractive. You also need to work on your personality but you still may want to improve your looks to attract hot girls. Other than that I don't know what to tell you. Sounds like you're comfortable living in your own little dream world

    • Yeah whatever I don't give a damn what you think, I am going to date her and it is final ya dig?

  • This ladies and gentleman is why a woman should never pursue a man! He will use her simply because he can't get anyone else and he wants to get laid. A woman would never accept a man she wasn't attracted to for this reason.

    • I said I was going to get in a relationship with her...

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    • GIRLS: This is the kind of guy you get when you make all the moves ladies. Notice how QA pursues the women he really wants and will accept the attempts of the ugly girl simply because she's better than nothing.

    • you can say this about men too, though. I've known women to use men before.

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  • All the other answerers are right: tell her you're not interested. To do otherwise will hurt her terribly and you can find sex with someone who's in the same attraction ballpark that you are.

    • to be honest I can't find any body.

    • Wrong. You may have to relax, be patient and wait for it to come to you but it will. If you have some decent looking female friends, you can always ask them to set you up, just make it easy for them to say no if they don't want to.

  • You shouldn't start a relationship with someone just because they are the only ones that gives you that kind of attention. It never ends well.

    However if you think it might work then by all means go ahead. Just don't do it for the wrong reason

    • i think it might work and to be honest I am not willing to wait may sound desperate but I have waited for too long, I deserve some love too

  • naw it's not worth it

  • Nah man, not worth it.

  • follow my 3 steps

    1. get her

    2. f*** her

    3. leave her

    DONE. Except for me I made the mistake of doing that to a sorority chick now she told her whole sorority and they hate me but there are other sorority chicks so life is good.

    • lol I just don't want to f*** her I want a relationship too, but thanks though lol

    • that is horrifying. Don't take this advice.