Why can I get dates online but not in real life?

i'm in my mid 20s and I've never had a guy hit on me, flirt with me, or ask me on a date in real life. never once in my life. I got desperate (asked out guys before but they all said no) so I made an online dating profile.

pretty much daily I get at least one email asking how I could possibly be single. they say I'm good looking and sound interesting and sane, and I should be taken at this point.

if that's the truth then how come I've never had a guy pay attention to me? I'm NOT intimidatingly beautiful, I can promise you that. I'm mildly attractive, but not hot or stunning.


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  • Your probably pretty, nice, tall, friendy but there are many reasons you have problems.

    1. Don't know what you want, what kind of man you want.

    2. You’re not in the game. If you’re shy, reserved, or aloof, you are not approachable.

    3. You’re a homebody. You’re not out there meeting new people every day

    4. You’re scared. You’ve been burned before. You are understandably wary.

    5. Your number is too high. Stop looking for the money and BMW driver, look for a man that's suitable for you and your family

    • 1. I guess that's true

      2. that's very true

      3. that's kinda true

      4. also kinda true

      5. never had sex, only been on three dates, none of the guys were rich

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  • mid-20's, how old are you? you've never had a boyfriend? well I feel your pain, I can relate

    • i'm 23. that counts as mid 20s right? maybe early 20s?

    • mid-20's is 25 or older, so you have never had a boyfriend?

    • i saw your pic that you posted, you are hot, beautiful, I'm guessing guys are intimidated by you?

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  • You don't get out much around guys your age...u act awkward...ur not attractive as you think? without pics its hard to say why but most likely I you probably don't look so good to the guys your attracted to

    • here's a pic: link

    • that's you? well damn you have a nice shape no homo

      the only thing I think is that the guys you're around may not know you're interested so they don't bother trying because they assume you have a man