Need advise badly. Ex girlfriend pissed off and going with another guy

I need you guys' advice badly. I was reconnecting with ex girlfriend. Admittedly I didn't put majority of effort. Was on Non Contact for 3 months after silly argue-ment created by me being just slightly possessive. When I finally make plans to give it another try and take her out, she tells me she has just started dating a new guy. And she was pissed off that I didn't fight for her and that I left her on NC terms for 3 months. I know that guy..and he is a first class jack ass. A big bull sh*tter. A cocaine addict too. What should I heart says that I want her back forever. Should I apologize..should I tell her how I feel. Should I tell her about the stuff I know about the new guy.. Please help. Any advice will be helpful. Thank you.


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  • 1- You should realize that you hurt her very much and then left her with no contact which hurt her even more. She has all the right to refuse getting back with you.

    2- You shouldn't talk bad about her new guy because she will think that you are trying to bash her new relationship. I'm sure she doesn't trust you like before

    3- You can write a long sincere apology/explanation letter and send it to her. Be honest and apologetic.

    • thank you. I understand your point better now. I would rather do it face to face instead of letter. But what do you think I should say besides the apologizing.. I want to do something and say something to get her back fast before her new guy and her cement something long term. Please guve your input and feedback. Thanks.

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    • hey.. some more advice needed. she wants to meet and listen. but her current guy got pissed off and told her not too.

      how do I convince..

    • That's weird. Well, tell her you want to talk to her seriously and urgently and ask her to tell you when she's ready and available.

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