What if people would receive honest and fair "dating reviews" after being rejected?

I would like it if woman would give me an honest review to tell me what I did wrong after a date, or initial meeting.

I would like to know why I got no number..or a fake number. Or would like to know why she does not want another date, or why any other sort of rejecting opinion was given.

Who else would like this? Remember, they would be brutally honest!


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  • I'd rather not know unless I was having a consistent problem with rejection, or not making it past the first initial dates. Finding out the "reviews" of the few guys that decide they don't like me would just hurt my self-esteem and not be beneficial in any way. You're not going to get along with everyone.

    • I am currently not getting past the first few dates, or first date. Or many cases getting a phone number and then not getting replies. Everyone I tell about what is happening with me has no idea what is going wrong.

      So in my case...or a person's case who is getting rejected constantly, constructive criticism would be a plus!

    • In your case I would suggest reading books and articles geared toward attraction and dating, just not the pickup artist books. You may land a first date with those, but you'll develop a fierce bitterness and distorted view of women and dating. Those men don't end up in relationships in the long term, they are the 50 year old bachelors. Good information could help you figure out on your own what the problem is.

  • That's kinda stupid because you can't make everyone like you or change yourself to how they want you to be. You just have to be yourself and find someone who likes that

    • I feel that sometimes girls reject a guy for stupid reasons. Or many times they do not even even know the reasons.

      OR, is that just something the girl tells the guy? In many cases, informing someone what exactly went wrong would be a positive learning tool for many guys!

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