Please help with decoding this guy's message?!?

Hear me out. You can judge me for who I am, I can't change that. You can hate me for what I've done."

What is he implying?


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  • he said listen to me please,

    you can think whatever you want to about me, because whatever I do I do it because I am myself, and I can't change that because that is how I live my life.

    You can hate me for anything I did that upset you, I don't care so what you want.

    • So he doesn't care what she thinks but he's trying to straighten things up?

    • it's just conversation talk to help move on

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  • context is needed, but it sounds like he's done something he knows is going to hurt you and is trying to dodge your anger. sorry, but it really does

    • Okay, so in context, he's sending this to my best friend after she unfriends him on Facebook. She unfriended him because he told her he didn't want a relationship with me and so she felt like she had no reason for them to talk anymore. I wasn't involved in the whole Facebook drama in anyway, but I'm just wondering if he's implying that he's sorry for what he's done? Or if he's stating that she should be upfront about why she unfriended him?

    • okay, that makes more sense. I wouldn't say he's implying that he's sorry, maybe just that he doesn't want to fight with her. in his eyes he's done nothing wrong, and he doesn't particularly care what she thinks of him.

      on a different note, I hope you're okay with him not wanting a relationship etc.

    • Okay, makes sense. And thanks for caring haha.

  • hes f***ed up. probably cheated or something like that. but won't know what he's implying till I hear what he said before he said this

  • what he did was so bad, that he dosen't blame you for judging him.

    • he didn't do anything bad though, he just rejected me.

    • ohhh, he can't change the fact that you're going to judge him, and he dosen't blame you for hating him - if you do

    • okay, I don't hate him. but thank you!

  • Sounds like he messed something up and is trying to apologize but didn't in that quote. He sounds like he feels like he did something out of character. It's much easier when you have everything he said and know the context of the relationship and the even that caused the tension, but if we are shooting in the dark, I guess that's what it sounds like...

    • He sends this to my friend after saying that he didn't want a relationship with me. And she then unfriended him on Facebook after that because she had no reason to talk to him.

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    • Well you got me confused in that context then... Maybe he's love struck and acting crazy... =P Maybe he was ignored one day and thought he did something wrong... who knows. I wish I could give more insight, but it's hard to tell from that info...

    • Haha, thank you for your help though :)

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