What should I do with a boyfriend who doesn't call or doesn't text?

I dated this guy about three years ago and we saw each other about a month ago then he came over to my house for about two hours ago, caught up a bit and he kissed and touched me the whole time. I missed him but he is all touching and I am not all into that. I like having a conversation and kiss every now and then. But he wants sex out of me but I am not ready I keep telling him but I don't think he gets the picture. Do you think he is using me for sex? I have not heard from him in about two weeks oh and I saw him when he got off of work and he didn't seen too interested in seeing me. He never takes me out and its like I have to tell him what to do and I am not that kind of girl.

I am still a virgin as well I am not ready to give it up yet.


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  • He wants sex and when you seemed not so welcoming of the idea he got bored of you. Dump his lame ass.

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