Would you call a guy's friend to reach him?

if you meet a friend of your friend and he tells everyone he likes you but he couldn't find any chance for more conversation(like to tell you that he likes you or want to go out,..), but when he was leaving and saying bye say to call your mutual friend if you want to...would you call?

keep that in mind that he exactly can go through the same process to get your number from your mutual friend, or even find you on Facebook from your mutual friend Facebook

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  • No I would wait him to call
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  • Well your interested and you have nothing to lose so call.

    • i just feel so weird to call our mutual friend( because its not a close one) and ask him to connect me to his friend, you know!

    • Yeah, may be a little werid but it may be worth the awkwardness lolz.

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  • go for it! ya it'll be a little awkward but it's worth it if you guys really connected!

  • I would wait a little while and then call :) there's no reason not to go for it