He keeps breaking up with me because he likes another girl. But he takes me back?

We were together for a year and I know he loves me but He keeps breaking up with me cause I know he has strong feelings for another girl. He has not dated her yet but when I call and beg him to come back, why does he keep coming back? Why is he doing this?

Am I a back up plan for when the other girl doesn't date him?
thanks to all of you for putting this in perspective. Seems like every man here agrees, must be the truth. Harsh reality check! I've got some hard business to go take care of!


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  • By taking him back every time he does you're telling him you're okay being his backup plan/fallback girl. He's the type of guy who needs to be with someone--anyone, and if he can't have who he wants, he'll take you because it beats being single. you've proven to him that you're comfortable with that position by continuously taking him back every time he does this.


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  • Every time you beg to him, you are degrading your status in the relationship and compromising more about who you are and loosing a part of yourself.

    I think this person if doesn't love for you and care for you strong enough to be faithful to you then may be you deserve better in life.

    I believe in affirmative action and fighting for your love and what you believe but if you have to the pay the price by loosing or compromising who you are then it's too high of a price to pay in my opinion.

    I have been a part of a controlling relationship and I know personally that the other person should never be enabled with a power and control to change you and every time you beg him to come back you are enabling and giving him that power.

    So hope he loves you enough to come back to you regardless and stay with you forever.

    But otherwise you may want to let him go and focus on healing process from the hurt because this emotional chasing will most certainly lead to a lot more hurt and pain in future which you are setting yourself up for.

    Good luck in everything and wish you the very best.

    • That's what it seems like unfortunately and trust me it's never good to be a back up as no matter how wonderful you are when you are back up you never become primary, sometimes you stay back up even if primary girl changes because he knows he can use and control you as he deems fit.

  • if you look to needy and desperate he will never see you as an "ideal" type of female so the best way to get is attention is to no longer wants it..plain and simple

  • Its a really terrible feeling to know that you are 2nd place. Continuuing this will just consume your life. Sever contact and try to move on.


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