Why Do I Get Random Texts From This Woman?

Why would a woman randomly text you? Sometimes they don't even have a purpose. For example: She may text something like, "The mall is really busy today" or, "I don't want to go to class!" I respond to her texts, but I just wonder that out of all the other people should could text, she texts me. I know she has other friends that she is closer with, and she is even kinda dating someone. I'd say that we're pretty good friends, but it's not like I'm the one dating her. She sometimes complains about work, too. I. She complains about things that I don't have the power to alter. I realize that sometimes venting helps, but again, I ask, why text me?


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  • She is just trying to make converation with you...even though the the topics are mundane.Maybe she respects your friendship.

  • Did you seriously get texted "the mall is really busy today"? That's hilarious!

    She's obviously interested in sparking up a conversation with you, she just has odd ways of doing it. As for why she wants to talk, I couldn't possibly tell you. Maybe you're a better friend to her than you think or maybe she likes you.


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