Dating for 2 months, but he doesn't contact me?

but one day a week (more or less) he does not text/call the entire day. I feel like he's taking a break from me for literally a day. should I ask him what's up with this? by the way he works a lot, regardless he's the ind of guy that always finds a minute to ask/text "how are you". =(


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  • Let him have his space... Everyone needs a break some time. He's probably just gathering his thoughts, having some guy time or working. Point in case, the guy I'm dating right now only texts me a couple times a week... and we see each other one weekends and maybe 1 day during the week. Not speaking every day is okay - it gives you something to talk about when you do see / talk to him. Plus, it also makes him miss you or think about you and vice versa.

    As long as you are still hanging out and things are okay between you, everything is fine. Don't bring it up or he might think you are a little clingy.

    • excellent advice...thank you!

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