Advice for a first date?

I've been texting this guy for well over a month now, but I never met him face to face, mutual friends gave him my number. He just asked me out for drinks in a pub.

I want to go but I'm nervous of how to act when meeting somebody who I've only only communicated via text with! like we've been texting a LOT and I've never met him face to face - plus I've never been on a date before, I was pretty shy before and always rejected guys who asked me out :/

so we're going for drinks;

what do I do when I meet him there, hug him, shake his hand?

who pays for the drinks? will I offer to pay when he asks what do I want, or just say nothing and take my wallet out?

or do we alternate paying for rounds of drinks ?

or will I try and make my one drink last so I don't seem greedy?

Do I kiss/hug him goodbye?

I am so scared of the awkwardness on the date, as this is my first time doing this kind of thing - please help!


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  • Alright, well first of all, when you first see him, if you think he's cute go ahead and give him a friendly hug, or a kind of side hug with one arm. I wouldn't suggest shaking his hand though, I think that's something only guys really do.

    Dont worry about paying until the end, but do offer to buy a couple as your taking your wallet out

    Dont just baby sip your one drink for the whole night, I'd kinda go with the flow, see how long it takes him to finish his drink and go at the same pace he is, unless he's knocking them back like their water, then go slower

    As for the good bye, judge it by how the date went, if he creaped you out or somthing just do another side one arm hug, but if you really liked him by the end, go in for a double arm one maybe get closer

    but don't worry you'll be fine! just don't talk about religion or politics, just the usually school, career goals, family, friends, hobbies you'll do great!