How to get a guy to start talking to you again after a fight?

I was seeing this guy but after our last date we had a fight but after we have kind of worked things out but I want to know how to be able to reconnect with him again and to be able to have the relationship that we had before. How should I approach this problem? If I do send a message what should I write to him. He has told me that he likes me and I feel the same way as well. I really want our relationship to work


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  • Actually, being the girl all you gotta do is send a message showing you feel like talking to him and he will pick up on it. Just ask him if he wants to hang out and do something and see what he replies. There's no right or wrong here, because if he really likes you then anything you say is going to work.

    He might be thinking about messaging you but is unsure if he should because he doesn't know if you still want to hang out with him and stuff. This is a very common situation for a lot of guys, and if girls would just let us know that they're willing to give us a chance if we were to ask them, it would really help us out. :p So do that - let him know you're available. Send him a message!

    • But we just kind of resolved our problem and I feel that he may not want to hang out yet. But I guess that I have not tried yet. I think that I am just scared that he either will not reply or say no.

    • Well don't be scared. :o Think about it - would you rather be scared, or know for sure that he doesn't want to? At least with the latter you'll be able to move on and stop worrying about it. But seriously now, he said he likes you so I doubt he'll say no.

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