Is it OK if the guy I'm dating still goes on dating sites?

I've been seeing this guy for 2mths and I did meet him online but found out we only live a few doors away how strange but the thing is he still goes onto the dating site talking to people

should I ask him why or just leave it and is it something to be concerned about


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  • I think it depends on how involved you guys are in this. If you are looking for just casually dating him, then I wouldn't make a big deal out of it. If you are looking for your soul mate or wanting to eventually become bf/gf. then Id give it a little longer to let the relationship develop, if you do become exclusive, and he's still on the sites, then Id would def then ask him. For now just be smart about theh whole thing and keep you guard up while getting to know the guy.


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  • How serious is this? are you a couple or just friends? If you're a couple, or even just "seeing" each other I don't think that's OK at all. It's basically cheating. That can't make you feel good, does it? if he's still on the dating site that makes me think he still hasn't found what he wanted yet...

    • we are dating eclusive as you may call it

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  • What did you decide to do about this...I'm in a similar situation...

    • i asked him is a reasn he feels the need to still go on the site and tht I do feel a bit uncomfortable he said there isn't a real reason behind it apart from just checking mail out anyway he no longer goes on the site as I must say I did check lol

    • Thank you for the response...