Who do I pick, Jordan or Caitlin?

OK so I'm currently in a long distance relationship with a girl named Jordan we have been dating since July and she's one of the best gf's I ever had despite the distance. I turned 18 last month & she's 16 & her mom doesn't approve of us 1000 percent yet because she hasn't talked to me in person yet. She lives 4 hours away, we send letters back & forth, I sent her a teddy bear off amazon with some of my birthday money & everything else. But she went out of town for Thanksgiving break to deer camp where she couldn't use her cell much at all. I missed her like crazy & started talking to this girl named Caitlin & she told me she likes me & went on & on about how its so hard to find a good guy & what not & I started to like her but didn't tell her I sort of have a girlfriend. What do I do? Stay with the long distance girlfriend Jordan or break up & give Caitlin a chance? I'm gonna go see Jordan in a few months anyways when I get my own car but I'm not sure. I love Jordan but I like Caitlin, what do I do?

lolz I ended up with neither one...i choose Jordan at first then Caitlin got upset & stopped talking to me & a week later I realized Jordan had a had time with are age difference & we broke up...now I'm all good with this girl I really like at my school a grade younger but perfect for me been dating almost a week...life is good


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  • Love is stronger than like. You're only giving Caitlin a thought because Jordan is so far away. Stay with your girl. That's my 2 cents.

    • ok cool thanks yeah I took your advice told caitlin I'm sorry but I have a girlfriend ...im stickin with jordan

    • Good decision. I'm sure Jordan will be grateful. Even though it's hard to deal with someone you love being far away, it's often worth the wait.

    • yeah I know your right thanks man I'm sure she will be she would do the same for me anyday I'm sure she will be worth the wait for sure.

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  • "but I didn't tell I sort of have a girlfriend" What a B. Sort of. Jordan is your girlfriend! She don't deserve a sort of girlfriend title just because she is a long distance relationship.

    To answer your question, dump Jordan and date Caitlin. Long distance relationships are hard, and they're for people who are more strong for the person they are in a relationship with and don't just fall other people who get closes to them. I'm saying this to isht on you, but it's true. If you love Jordan in a way where you want to still be with her, you wouldn't be asking this question.

    • well I'm sorry OK first off we agreed before with being some what of an open relationship because of the distance & that her mom doesn't approve 100 percent since I'm 2 years older...i do love Jordan & I don't consider it cheating if I'm telling every girl who hits on me I'm taken. I picked Jordan already anyways. Jordan & I have strong love I understand what your saying but I do wanna stay with her & the only reason I am is because of the distance & I'm constantly missing her.

    • I get it. I do. The distance sucks big time. I'm glad you chose Jordan though. I was just advocating the other side to see your reaction. Of course her Mom wouldn't approve of her minor daughter dating someone who's older. Don't worry about her Mom too much though. It's always good to have parents supporting you in the relationship, yes, but if you make the fact that her Mom don't accepts you as a factor of breaking up, that's just wrong. Relationships are between two people. Good luck.

    • Thanks I know the age makes it hard but I'm not giving up I'm with her til the end I'm sure her mom will accept me sooner or later.

  • You don't sort of have a girlfriend, you do have a girlfriend. And you don't love her if you're chatting girls up and hiding the fact that you have one. I understand long distance relationships are tough, but what you're doing is wrong. You're not as good of a guy as she thinks you are.

    • i know I have a girlfriend...i understand that it is wrong & you are right it was because of those chat sites I been using girls message me on them constantly...i am putting a stop to them for good now though thanks she was the one that messaged me first tho

    • If a woman approached my boyfriend and he cheated on me with her, I wouldn't be any more OK with it just because she approached him first. You're the one with a girlfriend, start acting like it.

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