He asked for my number but hasn't used it, what gives?

This guy Jason and I have been flirting and sort of standing on the edge of actually moving beyond acquaintances who share mutual friends for a month or so now. I messaged him earlier in the week on Facebook just say hi and the conversation kept going back and forth for a couple of days. Then he said "what are you doing this weekend? Maybe we can hang out. What's your number so I can text you?". I answered, saying I was up for hanging out and gave him my number. BUT he didn't use it and never replied to me on Facebook either. Why would he ask for my number and then not use it?

I've thought maybe he's just playing me, but he doesn't seem the type of guy for that, and players usually don't take that long to get your number- over a month is a long time for a player not to get bored and move on since he's not really getting anywhere without a number. I'm SUPER confused!

Any thoughts or insights why he asked for the number and hinted at us hanging out together but never followed through on either one?


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  • Ah, that's Jason.. he was like this for years.. *facepalm*

    No, I'm just joking.

    Uhm.. The most time I ask for a number of a girl I don't do it with the intention of using it.

    Just for having it when I need it, if I don't see her for a while and the internet is not working or something. Maybe its the same with him?

    But he said that he want to call you? What did he do on the weekend you ment?

    • He said he wanted my number so he could text me. And the weekend we met...We've known each other for a couple of years through mutual friends, we just don't cross paths all the time. But usually when we see each other, it's at parties, going out to the bar, meeting friends at a pub for a drink, at community charity stuff etc.

    • "what are you doing this weekend? Maybe we can hang out. What's your number so I can text you?"

      I mean this specific weekend. He said he would call you before it but didn't. So what did he do instead and how much time passed since then?

    • Don't know what he did- he messaged me Friday (as in the one 2 days ago) and I haven't talked to him since then.

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