I told the guy I like to kiss me, but he didn't! I was so sure he liked me!

Does this mean he doesn't like me? Me and everyone around me thought he liked me... and he kind of said no when I told him he should kiss me! I don't know why though. Maybe he doesn't actually like me? Maybe the timing still isn't right? I don't know what he is holding out for though, I thought it was great timing. What is up with that? How confusing.

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  • I think he was just shocked. Didn't see that coming, so he wanted to run away and think about what you said for a while. It doesn't necessarily mean that he does not like you.Telling someone to kiss you is not the most natural way of getting someone to kiss you. You have to set the moment, and the mood for it. If the moment, and mood is right, the kiss will happen naturally. Plus, it will feel more pleasurable this way.

    • ah yeah, I definitely agree! ha ha I guess I should have been a little more romantic..

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What Guys Said 2

  • ohh that sounds very inviting! I don't know wtf is his issue, it can be anything.

    • haha maybe he's not sure if he actually likes me? isn't a kiss a good way to know? or maybe not... I have no idea! I'm so confused though. I really did think he liked me

  • what kind of guy is he ? if he was shy then he was shy

    Or you might have just surprised him.

    • he's pretty shy, I guess. He's never really asked a girl out I don't think haha. We're almost done with college though, you'd think he would have a bit more confidence right? I'm so confused. Maybe just doesn't think he likes me...?

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    • thanks! :)

    • hehe np.

What Girls Said 2

  • There are so many possibilities...He might be shy, maybe he wanted to make that move himself, maybe he has never kissed a girl and was uncomfortable? You can play the guessing game til the cows come home but only he knows.

    • he's definitely kissed a girl before, probably not asked a girl out. I don't know what his dealio was! he is pretty shy, I think he has low confidence too ha ha which is absolutely ridiculous. I know he's kissed other girls before.

  • Find someone else.

    • haha really? just because? lol

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    • Rejection sucks...I know it all too well but there is no need to waste your precious time or emotions on some guy that obviously does not feel the same way. There are billions of men out there and lots of wonderful guys...just have to shift through all the man garbage.

    • hahaha alright, good point.