I dated my best guy friend he said he wanted to be friends now he rarely takes initiative to talk why?

so we dated for the summer time. the break up was mutual but he wanted it more than I did. it was about 60/40. we didn't talk for a couple months I always took intitiative to talk to him. and I even told him off because he was still acting like a jerk to me like he was when we were going out. so we got that settled and everything was okay. we didn't talk for a few months and then I decided one day that I really wanted my friend back and started talking again. but I'm always the one taking initiative to talk and stuff. but we have hung out -with other people- and we are fine we laugh and joke all the time and its just like old times. and its just weird he doesn't take action to talk to me. and its just bizarre to me because he was the one that said "oh I defenitely still like you and I defenitely still want to be friends". and wiht this past semester he blamed not talking to me on all of his work and school work. which I understand but it doesn't take a lot of time to text someone or email and I just don't understand why. I figured that maybe he's with someone else now and just feels weird. and it seems like an issue if its ever the case where just the two of us were to hang out just eat or something...and its' just weird and I'm trying to understand why and hope that someone will be able to help me! sorry for the looooong note


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  • You already now why. He feels weird about it so he acts strange. If you date a friend and it doesn't work out it's common for that friendship to be less than great. Give him some time but know that their may be a chance you two may never be as close as you once were.