I've never had a boyfriend in my life, let alone had a date or my first kiss.

I've been thinking a lot lately.

I've never had a boyfriend in my life, let alone had a date or my first kiss. It's not that I am this weird freak. It's just that I've had the same classmates for seven years now. They only see me and each other the way they did when we all first met. I was pretty much that shy nerd that was bullied all the time.

Anyways, it's my senior year of high school, and I want to take a huge risk: Asking my long time crush to prom.

The only problem with him is that he's pretty high up on the popularity scale. I'm in the middle, since I don't classify with a certain group, and I basically talk to anyone, since I'm a very accepting person.

I know this guy likes me. He's never told me, but I've always sensed it. I'm just afraid he will decline my invitation because his "friends" will think it would be uncool to go with me.

So, what I'm asking is: What are some creative ways I can ask this guy to prom?

I really want to do this, since NOBODY in my school goes all out to ask someone to prom. It would be fun. Plus, they wouldn't expect it from me!

Yes, I know prom is about four months away.

Thank you :)


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  • Here's the skinny of the situation, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain by asking him, in whatever way you ask him. If he says no then it's his loss, regardless of his reason, if he says no then he is not right for you.

    As for a creative way to ask him, that's a bit tougher.

    In order to make something happen that will impress people you need to have a connection, you need to know someone that has the power to make things happen that you don't have. If you don't know a person like that then you need an edge yourself, something that most others don't have.

    In other words, analyze the tools you have at your disposal and figure out what you can do within your means.

    • At my school, I'm one of the only people who likes writing stories, singing, and acting. Everyone else likes sports. Are you saying I should use that to my advantage?

    • If you can figure out a way to do so, yes.

    • You don't realize how much your response means to me. I literally shed tears while reading it!Thank you. :)

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