Making/starting an online relationship.

Hello all, thank you for your time and responses

How would any of you approach a girl/guy that you're interested in online? I recently found this person on and added them on Facebook. It turns out we 2 mutual friends, she is really pretty and studies criminal science (which I think is hot, because intelligence is attractive) so how can I make this girl comfortable while messaging me (considering that we've never met).

I understand women get hit on CONSTANTLY, so I don't want to sound corny and like any other guy.


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  • Well look, if she is already talking to you and got as far as adding you to Facebook, which is for me a BIG deal, then she probably DOES feel comfortable around you. OK back in the day when I was internet dating, I just talk to people how I would talk in real life! I mean, what you see is what you get and let me tell you, us women LOVE the real deal and expect honesty. Do you guys talk to each other constantly? How come you never met? Do you live in different states? Would there ever be something tangible about this relationship?

    You are right about us women getting hit on constantly by perverts out there. Just don't act like them and don't say baby and sweetie and honey bunch and whatnot... and DONT ask her what she is wearing for GOODNESS SAKES. Unless she likes that but if you said that to me, I would start losing respect for you instantly and not take you seriously anymore. Hell I would even delete you. Unless she feels really horny and starts flirting with you THEN you go along with it because us women ALWAYS have the upper hand :P Ha. I hope my answer helped buddy.

    • We actually don't talk constantly because I only introduced myself to her recently. I've been thinking of joining the online dating thing, found her profile, and I really liked what I saw so I searched her on Facebook a few days ago. And yes we do live in the same city. In the little I have seen so far, I do think there may be a chance that we could get along...

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    • I wish you the best of luck buddy.

    • Thank you very much.

  • It really depends on the girl but I have talked to guys that are so pushy to meet that it's weird and I won't meet them. Me and my boyfriend met online and we just talked for awhile and he was never weird/sexual/creepy so I was willing to meet and it worked out nicely because I could tell he was different than all the creepy horny internet guys. I guess this fits if she is the kinda girl who is looking for something real and not just a fling.

    • Yeah, I'm just looking for a way to talk to her that is not creepy. I agree with everything you wrote, thanks!

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