Girls, do you over analyze every single little detail about a guy when you're first dating

and I mean every little detail. like my friend is dating this one guy and she 'wants to see where its going.' they've been seeing each other for about 3 months, he always pays for her, calls her beautiful, etc.

but she's doing it for every single thing! like she tells me how he looks at her, the way he holds her hand, the way he laughs, stupid stuff like that.

its getting really annoying. and it seems like the guy truly likes her and every time I tell her that, she's like no he doesn't.

if a guy didn't like you, he wouldn't wanna take you out on dates all the time right?

anyways, how can I tell her to stop bugging me lol, and do you guys over analyze things?


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  • it wouldn't be fair to analyse a girl too much, and vice - versa,

    as long as her personality and attitude towards me is right.

    i'd expect her to be shy and considerate towards others

    girls shouldn't expect to find mr. perfect, because they never will,

    as long as you have a man that's treats you right, that'll do, and stop acting as though men are out of fashion


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  • Girls do that sh*t all the time it's very verrrry annoying I agrree


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  • um that's a little extreme and I would be annoyed as well. I do sometimes overanalyze things, but not to that degree and I don't do that for everything. When I do, I don't usually talk about it openly either. Honestly, I'm not at all sure how to get her to stop talking about it. Maybe ask her - why do you think he doesn't like you? What evidence do you have that he doesn't like you that much? Has he ever told you he doesn't like you? questions like that could help her analyze things in a different light and help her get over it. It sounds like she's a little insecure, poor thing. Do you know the guy?

    • nah I don't know the guy cause she doesn't wanna introduce me yet because she doesn't know where it's going. I really don't see why she should be insecure if she gets every guy cause she's that pretty. and she's sweet, smart, funny, etc. :/

    • Oh you'd be surprised how many "popular" girls are incredibly insecure. It's actually more common for them to be so than for those who are comfortable being single, for precisely that reason - They seem to fall into relationships constantly and so always have someone giving them praise, being with them, etc. They grow to rely on it instead of feeling the same way when they're single or when they're not being praised every 5 seconds. Not saying that is her case, but it's a possibility

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