Thinking about messaging my old former crush!

we stopped talking and being friends nearly a couple of years ago, due to some bad misunderstandings. I've always liked her a lot and its like I would do anything for this girl! but the thing is, I don't know the correct way to go about initiating another conversation with her.

do I apologize, or do I keep things light and casual and try to show her a more easy going side? I do feel really sorry about the past, but should I bring it up and remind her of it all, or do you think it's necessary to rekindle a friendship? also keep in mind she's a really gorgeous girl and whatever I do, I don't want to mess things up this time! thanks!


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  • hmmm... it all depends on why you guys stopped talking. there's a differences between I owed her fifty bucks and I bitch slapped her mother (both exaggerated circumstances, but you see my point nevertheless).

    at any rate, you could do the slightly apologetic/easy-going/not-reminding-but-sorta-admitting-the-awkward-tension thing:

    "hey, I know it's been a while, but I was just thinking about you and wanted to see how you're doing and what you've been up to since we last talked. hope to hear from you soon"

    something like that seems like a reasonable thing to say to ease your way into the friendship.

    • appreciate the response, thank you! sounds pretty good to me... I was thinking about saying something like how I was thinking how dumb it was that we don't talk anymore or something like that, that the girl and I aren't friends anymore. something like that too. idk.

    • could say that. I just know that some people might be "offended" if you say it's dumb that you aren't talking and they think it's not dumb (some people are hyper-sensitive depending on their character. besides, messaging is all about syntax since people can't get an idea of what you're tone is, or how you "mean" something because they can't talk to/see you.

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  • Sounds like the actions of a guy that doesn't have a lot else going for him. Don't do it. Improve your life instead. Set some goals - Lose weight, do P90 or some exercise program. Become involved in some activity that involves other people. You'll do much better.

    • way to make assumptions big guy. I have way more going for me now than I ever have. I'm debating whether this is even a serious answer or not.