She slowly stopped texting me and now it's like hardly anything?

To make a long story short I ran into a friend who had a huge crush on me.. Anyways we connected and I got her number and all and she would text me every day and all.. and while I was on vacation she was saying she wishes she could spend some time with me But then when school started back up for her she slowly stopped texting me and now it's like hardly anything..

One day she called me in which I was like really shocked because I was not expecting that and we chatted for a bit and all.. I just don't know what to make out of all of it.. It's just weird because I never did anything wrong or say anything wrong.


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  • Man, this sounds exaclty like my story! Except it was a guy. I know how you feel, it really sucks. Well, if you find out why, please let me know!

    • I will for sure let you know, it's odd because we have both known each other for like 7 years so this is not like this is some new thing and we are talking or anything like that.

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    • Yeah no hard feelings a bit hurt over it but I'm over it now

    • Aww, okay well that's good. (:

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