What do you do when you have to choose between two guys/girls?

I don't even. v_v I'll list the boys and what they have going for them. *short & sweet*

Boy 1: I met him on the internet. He's a nice guy, fun to talk to, but we seem to have a lack of chemistry. We've been talking over a month and only hung out once, so maybe I need to give us more time? :/

Boy 2: I met him in high school but we never really talked much. The other day though, he texted me out of the blue (found my number on FB) and we had a great conversation. I think I would like having him for a boyfriend, but I'm not sure if he wants that too.

I'm in a pickle. :/ I'm pretty sure I like Guy 2 more than Guy 1, but since I met Guy 1 on a dating website and we've been talking for so long, I feel obligated to stick with him. Any advice?


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  • There is nothing like obligation where your heart is talking. If its getting guy 2 that your heart wants then just keep guy 1 as a friend. That way you don't have to discard him... But if guy 2 doesn't bring the issue of dating up it means you either have to wait or go out with guy 1


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