Which is a better choice for girls?

A tall ( > 5'7" ) and thin


A short (< 5'5" ) and muscular

NOTE : Both have similar personalities . Facial features and looks are the same too .

  • Tall and thin
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  • Short and muscular
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  • Anything else
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I said greater than 5'7" is tall . Not 5'7"

Anyways , what according to you is tall ?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Shockingly not all tall guys are skinny, and not all short guys are muscular.

    Can't really vote on your poll because it's like some kind of bizarre ultimatum.

    If I had to pick from your two choices, I'd say the short guy with muscles.

    Overall I'd prefer whichever guy I got along better with; whoever's personality I preferred, etc. Height is nowhere near the most important factor.


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What Girls Said 6

  • I can't pick between the two. Both wouldn't be attractive to me :\

    The tall guy cause he's skinny ( no muscle.)

    The short guy cause he's short.

    Ugh I hate being picky T.T

    • @update

      6 ft and above. I'm 5' 8 so anything under or relative is on the shorter side to me. I know the average height for American guys is 5' 10 - but that's only 2 inches, and if I wear heels - eh I feel like a giant :\

  • tall.. I'm 5'6 and I come from a tall family.. muscles don't matter a whole lot... I like mine tall :D

  • A for me. Although I wouldn't call 5'7" tall, it's actually short since 5'9"-5'10" is average height. I like short guys :)

  • I chose the tall 5'7, and only because I'm not really into huge muscles.

  • depends on how thin, but as long as it's normal I'd take the tall guy. And 5'6 so smaller than 5'5 would be kinda weird.

    And since when is 5'7 tall? U.S. average is 5'10. UK average too

  • Not really into muscly dudes, so >5'7'' and thin.


What Guys Said 1

  • When did 5'7 become tall? The average male in the US is 6'

    • Sorry 5'10

      I meant to say tall should be over 6'

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    • Nah , from what I've read .. I consider anything above 5'7" is tall . I know people in some European contries are tall but those contries are very few in number .

    • Even if you average up all the average male heights around the world it's still at least 5'8" so they'd have to be at least 5'9" to be considered "tall." So yeah I'd say 5'7" is still slightly on the short side.

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