Why did he keep coming back to me?

Alright so there Is this guy Tallen, super hot, chill, funny just like a perfect package, he could have any girl he wanted in our school, like no joke. We had a thing in like May, went out on a date , everyone thought we were dating but we weren't, it ended because I said if we did date I wanted to wait a while before we had sex just to make sure I wouldn't be a f*** and chuck, and he seemed fine with it but then ended out thing a little while later, he started something with this super slutty girl then they ended and he started talking to me again, and we would talk almost everyday, then at a party my friend stole my phone and texted him Laura(me) likes you, shh it's a secret. Then the next day he asked me about it and I said it was kind of true, then the next day he tried getting in my pants , but he wasn't saying let's have sex he was saying come cuddle, and saying I was gorgeous and all this stuff then after that we didn't talk all summer because he left our city and so when he came back he texted me and was like wanna hang out ? So we did and we went to the mall I helped him pick some hats out we met up with a friend who was making a Lot of sexual comments towards my then Tallen started going along with it, and saying it too I just kind of laughed it off, we went to see a movie and he grabbed my hand and so through out the movie we were holding hands and laughing and it was nice, then he always had his arm around me wherever we went after then while waiting for his bus we ended up kissing( our first kiss) I really liked him, he texted me all that week but then tired to get in my pants again and I said no, then I went to a party met his ex and we like drunk called him and was yelling at him and I said for him not to kiss me, and then we didn't talk for like 2 weeks then he texted me and was like wanna hang out and drink? And I said sure so we went and were hanging out and drinking then he told me to come cuddle with him and we ended up having sex ( my first time) and he walked me home texted me all that week and sh*t and we became pretty good friends, but here is my question, why did he keep coming back to me ? He had others girls( I know this for a fact) he was talking to and liking and stuff but he always came back to me and I wanna know why? I shot him down so many times and he could have any girl, like so many wanted him And would sleep with him , why me? I don't get it


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  • Cuz yo p*ssy is bomb ;p


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  • Some guys like a challenge.

    And don't fool yourself into thinking because he was trying to get with you he wasn't trying to get with others, or actually getting with them, at the same time, he probably was.

    The guy seems like he was only after one thing.

    • Yeah I know he was trying to get with others , like we were good friends so he told me everything,

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