Ever feel your SO takes your relationship for granted as such?

Before I dated my boyfriend, he'd message me within a few seconds if I logged in to Facebook. We're obviously dating now and his wi-fi broke so he doesn't get online much.

The thing that bothers me is that he doesn't text much. He got a new phone which I don't think he likes that much but he only seems to text if it's in reply to one or mine or if he 'has to text' as such.

And I don't want to be too clingy and feel like I'm texting him all the time.

Would it be wise to go a day without texting and seeing if he initiates contact?


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  • Well see, in the beginning of any relationship the guy is always so loving, caring and charming. It's called the honeymoon phase. Once this phase ends, he starts to get comfortable in the relationship but this doesn't mean he stopped loving you. A man doesn't feel obliged to keep on chasing the girl and and trying to win her heart. He already has the girl, you know.

    My ex took me for granted and that's why I know how it feels like. What you mentioned in your question doesn't signify that he took you for granted at all. He just got comfortable in the relationship. I'd say you need to spice things up. That's all :)