To text right now (late evening) or tomorrow (during the day)?

I wanna say to a girl that I had a great time today doing something with her or is it better to text her tomorrow so our conversation will last longer?

  • Text now (at nght 9pm)
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Just want to let you know that I texted her and we chatted until midnight and for the first time we flirted over the text but then she cut me off saying that she has to go back to sleep.

We haven't texted for 3 days since then. How should I contact her again without acting desperate?


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  • Text her at night, or right now. she is probably at home and will like to talk to someone (she might gush stuff a bit, but she probably doesn't have anyone else to talk to). if you like her, it would be a good chance to get to know her more.

    if there is anything else, comment I'll be online for about 20 more mins


    • she replied "hahaha"... after I said that I had a great time with her... it means that she doesn't wanna chat? I don't know what to say now...

    • Say, "no really I meant it. Anyway, how are you doing" or something like that

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  • text whenever you feel like.a nice message would never disturb her.besides it`s more natural and she`ll appreciate it.

  • now it`s much easier.don`t contact her for one or 2 days and then just create a date in cinema :) or any other entertaining date ;)

  • Let her breathe for the night, and think about whatever you guys did, text her tomorrow she'll be more excited to hear from you.


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