If an ex says he feels guilty about having sex with you...

If a ex says he feels guilty about having sex with you because he didn't want you to feel guilty how would you feel about that?

These were his exact words to me "I feel guilty for having sex with you because I don't want you to think that was all I wanted."


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  • He seems to care about you and your feelings.


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  • That means he cares. He's trying to put it out there that he isn't like other guys who use girls for sex.

    • Wait . . I didn't realise that you put "ex' in there . .

      I guess that means he's done with you, & he knows that if use have sex nothing is going to come of it . . I think he just doesn't want you to feel used . .

    • Well its too late! Because I feel like that now! If that wasn't all he wanted then why do you feel guilty?

  • He is using you to cheat on his current fling. Don't waste your thoughts or time. Find a man that is fresh, and you can trust. You don't want dirty laundry.

    • How old did you date your ex for. I think he feels bad cause he doesn't know where things are going. Sometimes I feel bad havin sex with my ex but I really can't help it we are trying to work things out. Is it possible for you and your ex to work things out