Guy doesn't initiate the conversation?

Yeah so I met this guy on a dating site..really nice,sweet,yadda,yadda. Anyways,I've found I ALWAYS have to initiate the conversation. He did initiate the conversation on the dating site,but once he got my number and said he'd text me,he didn't. So after a couple of days of talking on the dating site I asked him for his number and he gave it to me. He never initiates the conversations:/ But yet when I talk to him he's always happy to talk to me. The other day he said he'd call me and I wasn't sure if he actually would but he did:) He doesn't sound shy so I don't know why he never wants to text me.

I doubt he's playing me. If that's the case then he's really good:/

I'm guessing maybe he doesn't like texting.



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  • Just start initiating things yourself -

    I'm so sick of hearing about women that like guys but "he won't initiate conversation with me".


    Start taking some initiative, if you like him and want to talk to him, PURSUE HIM and don't sit around waiting for him to contact you, DUH!

    • I AM initiating convo,ass hole.

    • So what's the problem then? Some guys just don't like to initiate

  • What keeps him busy during the days? Work? Kids? Gf/wife?

    • Well he did have his daughter last week..And he's home in the evenings. And no,no girlfriend. lol At least I don't think so. o_o

      I'm thinking he doesn't like to text because he's always happy to talk to me.

    • It's just a curious situation because I don't understand why he wouldn't be trying to move your relationship forward. It's clear you have interest in him. The only thing I can think of is there's something he's keeping from you.

    • Gosh,I hope not. We've only been talking for a week and he 'seems' nice and all,so I don't know..we're meeting for the first time this weekend,so we'll see.

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