Have a significant other that wants to hang out with other girls...does he really love me

We dated for a long time. Then we broke up because he cheated. Ever since nothing has changed except I don't have the girlfriend title. Says I am the only one he would marry, asked me, etc... lately he is very into hanging out with females "friends", but I am so scared these friends are "buddies" and not "friends". I don't think he is ready to get married, but I think that he is the one.

What do I do to show him that he really matters? That we both still love each other-and that all the ego attention is not necessary on a sex level? And what do I do to make him feel more comfortable about committing? He is scared I will be up his ass 24-7...but I have told him a million times I want our own lives just to come home to each other. c'est tout...


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  • I think it'd be different if his female friends were friends and present when you started dating him, but if they are new friendships I would be leary. Especially since he has cheated on you. I would ask him what he hopes to gain or accomplish by establishing "friendships" with other women.

    If he were an alcoholic it wouldn't be wise to have him hang around bottles of liquor. Since he's cheated so I don't think it's appropriate for him to be establishing new female friends. He's already caved to temptation once.

    I don't think YOU need to do anything. He needs to be the one showing you YOU he wants to be with you and work on re-establishing the trust he destroyed. If he isn't changing his behavior out of consideration for your feelings I may think twice about marrying him.

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