Should a girl ask a guy or text him first? Please read the situation

Ok so I've read plenty of articles saying that you should never ask a guy to hang out or text him first because then he gets all the power or gets bored because the chase is gone. Then some people say stop playing games its a turn off and a turn on when a girl is honest and forward. Honestly, I'm so CONFUSED!

The guy I like literally said he's liked me for awhile, we've worked together for almost a yr. I had dinner at his place where we talked for hours, made out, I said I wasn't going to have sex, he respected that didn't try anything, wanted me to sleep over & while lying in bed ALL he said I'm glad you're here, reach for my hand kissed the back of it & fell asleep holding hands. In the morning he made me breakfast and we talked.

I want to see him again but I don't know if its my place to ask him or not. GUYS what should I do, I don't like games but at the same time I don't want to chase him either.


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  • Of course you should ask him. The guy likes and respects you - he's a nice guy, which means he needs a bit of prodding to get the ball rolling.

    • Thanks, that's what I thought. The only problem is he's not a shy guy & has no problem with the ladies so I'm just concerned as to why he would need prodding from me.

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