"Ha?" The most simplest word yet confusing, do you agree?

Ok I am not over analyzing anything. What does "ha" exactly mean? I mean it's not ha ha or anything close to that, it's just plain ha. I got a text from a guy once and he put "ha thanks :p" and I was super confused because I didn't know if he didn't wanted to reply or if he didn't know what to say. So anyway, what's the exact meaning?


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  • I believe it indicates amusement.

  • What did you say to him that prompted his reply?

    "ha" in his message meant "hah"... basically a slight chuckle

    • I wished him happy birthday

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    • that makes sense. You're too sweet for replying, and your replies make sense, they aren't bleh. Anyway thank you! :D

    • no problem

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