Why do I get repeat offenders?

this has happened to me more than once. we talk for a while, few weeks or in some cases months. then all of a sudden there is problem, be it they bail on a date or just say they're done after a date. then 2/3 weeks later I get a call/text saying they're sorry and miss me please give them a second chance. I don't really answer yes or no, but don't ignore them or fall for them again, within a day or two they're done again. never changed their ways. why is this? why come back if you're just going to leave? its not for a botty call considering I have only dated virgins (just by chance, not choice) and I am a virgin. so what else could it be?


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  • Where do you find these guys? Maybe, you should look elsewhere.

    • 1 I met at school, and the other 2 started as friends hooking us up. it seems like a normal way of meeting normal guys I would think! maybe not though ;)

    • The friends with benefits is a bad way to start a relationship because those guys are hesitant about entering in a relationship. Meeting a guy at school is normal. Don't give up; you'll find a guy who will want a relationship.

    • woah! I'm sorry, I worded it weird I guess...mutual friends setting us up is a better way to word it I guess :)

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  • I have experienced the same problem, but with only one guy (learned my lesson). He would bail on me after he made the plans for both of us, which hurt because I would request off from work to see him.

    The guy(s) could have found another girl they wanted to pursue which is what happened in my case and I found out through Facebook and through one of my friends seeing him out with a girl on a night he was supposedly working. The last straw was when he called me after two weeks on a really stressful day that I told him about, but he obviously forgot. I just told him to leave me alone and restrained myself from saying anything more. He called me again in October, but I just ignored him.

    Maybe they come back because the other girl turned out to not be the type they were into or maybe they don't like being alone and being with anyone is better than being without one. These are just a few of my opinions though.

    • i felt the exact same thing! I keep thinking maybe 1 needs another chance and I shouldn't judge because of the past others, but it seems that really if the guy did like me he wouldn't even be so mean as to the point we stop talking :)

    • Exactly.