Should I date while studying abroad?

So my ex broke up with me 4 months ago. I'm going abroad soon. I want him back, but he needs some space.

Do you think it would be a good idea to date someone there (if I do find someone I like)? I doubt that'll happen; I'm pretty particular about who I date.

Would he take that as a sign that I don't want him back? I'm not saying I'd play with the other person's feelings. They will know that I'm only there a couple months and its short term.


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  • Absolutely, why not? Your ex dumped you, you're single, plain and simple. Have fun.

    • because I want to get back with him. would this send the wrong signal?

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    • You don't have to put anything on Facebook about this guy. That would be your choice. And yeah, he won't see anyone "for now." That's because he hasn't met anyone yet and he doesn't want you seeing anyone either. Bottom line, he dumped you and wants space. He can't expect you to sit around twiddling your thumbs. You can't even be sure that if you wait for him you'll even get back together. My guess? If you wait around, you'll see him hooking up with plenty of women first. He may want to get

    • back with you after that, but you'll regret not doing your own thing because you were so worried about what he would think. He dumped YOU remember.

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  • Sure I've studied lots of broads while dating lol :))) For real though give him all the space he needs with a little dumping on top of it.

    • im giving him space. he needs to figure out his life and stop being depressed. but I want him to come back. I was mainly wondering, if he sees me with someone else, will he think I moved on?

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    • eh, 'needs his space' isn't exactly what he said. basically, he's a little depressed and trying to figure out why. so we broke up and now I'm giving him space to do that.

    • Don't be a hostage while he makes up his mind unless you want that to happen or unless you both agreed to not see anyone else.

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  • I say no.

    I visited an Internet friend in Holland when I studied abroad, and he literally was under the impression that I was in love with him just because I came to see him. I just thought it would be a really cool opportunity to meet up and hang out, but in the end he got very upset when I didn't return his feelings.

    A friend of mine also had a lot of problems with a guy she met while she was in France. He ended up getting really clingy, and called her multiple times a day, and she got really scared that he was following her. Luckily it was towards the end of our program, but still.

    Enjoy the single life for a little bit. Give your ex some time to collect his thoughts and realize he misses you.

    You're going to another country; be free. Travel a lot, try new foods, see special sights, discover yourself and make lots of good friends. That's all you'll need.

  • Yes I think it's a great idea. but don't get too attached esp if it's a local guy cause the distance isn't going to make for a lasting relationship. but absolutely date around, have fun.