I want a boyfriend, but my last relationship didn't end very well , what should I do?

i want to get over this guy because I know its not gonna work out, what should I do to make this happen?


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  • all you need to do is be yourself and do what you missed out on during your previous relationship! not sure as to why your relationship ended, but I bet there are some things you need to improve or make sure don't happen in the next one! realize the flaws this past relationship had, and make sure the next isn't like that :) hanging out with girls is always good, and I bet you have some amazing really good friends that you didn't get to hang out with as much as you would've liked when you were with him. hang out with family. take this as a time to build up other relationships instead of building one with a guy, and your self esteem will sky rocket up as well as you won't feel you need a man to affirm your loved because you will love yourself. as your self esteem goes up you will get over him because you feel you deserve more. if you "do you" you will naturally, get over you ex and fall into a better relationship. religion if you're religious is the best thing that ever happened to me during a break up! try anything possible that you feel you could improve on, and it will help in multiple ways :)

    DON'T rebound! that is unfair to everyone involved! all that does is cause more broken hearts, and there is a huge chance that won't help you get over your ex due to the fact that the new guy will not have all the features you liked about your ex and therefore you will want to run back to your ex.


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  • You don't want to date another person to help you get over another guy. That's called a rebound.

    Its unfair to that guy, I suggest you try talking and flirting with other guys , but not rushing into a relationship as of yet.

  • Try a FWB?


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