How to meet intimidating guys? Where to look?

im looking to meet a more intimidating guy. someone who isn't scared and actualy knows what he wants and how he wants it.

pretty much a total bad ass.

the only problem is I'm 17...

but where could I find a guy like this? any certain places? lol


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  • Wherever losers hang out. Because most intelligent people will acknowledge they haven't got everything figured out and are cautious because they have something to lose in life, or better yet they have many opportunities hence the uncertainty. Conformists are the obvious horse to bet on - they fit in, they'll succeed. As a contrast a broke drunk has nothing to lose. Or the outcast is the underdog for a reason. I would suggest... rock groups...prison... or...sports teams...or...GED classes for high school dropouts, or... older guys in college who want to use you...

    • i actualy do like older guys... and nah I won't be going to prison anytime soon and I'm pretty sure their are some hot intimidating guys who are in college and are probably very smart. just sayin. but thanks for the advice :)

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  • There probably all over the place, bars, parties,etc.

    • hmm thanks

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    • Well yeah I guess, just be careful.

    • yeah most of them have the image but not the material. and I will :)

  • You don't have to look far. They'll find you.

    To expedite things start looking for NICE guys. The intimidating ones will be all over you like flies.

    Works for my wife's friend.

    • so all I need to do is look for nice guys? but do you think I should dress a certain way? how does your wifes friend dress because obviously she's got it down.

    • LOL I really don't know since it's never intentional.

      That may be a problem for you, since it is intentional in your case.

      Maybe they can only be found by accident. It's my guess that intimidating guys prey on nice girls.

      They sure have HER over a barrel.

  • Biker bar


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  • so I guess you're in hs? you could try taking a fun class at your community or local college to meet older guys

    • yup.. hmm and yeah I guess I could do that! thanks lol