My ex said he'll call but didn't. What do I do?

there were a lot of problems and basically, we hate each other now. I got upset at him and said a bunch of things I now regret. I told him to text me later. he did and said he'll text me tomorrow. it's been three days. no word. should I give it more space or should I try to seek contact. he never initiates contact but always gets back to me.

what do I do?


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    • um ? what does that even mean?

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  • you seem to be having like the same problem I'm having and id give it a little time but if you guys still do need to talk about everything give it like a day limit and if he doesn't come around by whenever that day limit is up you try to contact him again

    • he wont' talk about anything. he just says it's cool. maybe, I should move on. I erased him off of fb and blocked him too. I was so mad. I don't want to be chasing someone who doesn't care.

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    • he won't even talk about it. I've tried to get answers from him so many times. he doesn't want to deal with it at all. maybe it's over or solved in his mind but it isn't.

      if I can't get him to communicate...then what? should I tell him in advance or just do it? if I stop talking to him without telling him he'll feel like I "disappeared on him" especially since I blocked him on fb.

    • i told you tell him your cutting communication ties with him for a little bit for your own good and that later on in life I hope you both could still be friends and then go cold turkey don't text, call, fb chat, skype?, or anything with him

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