GUYS, I'm the one that ALWAYS ends up single, am I going wrong here?

I just don't get it. I'm the one out of all of my friend's groups that is ALWAYS and pretty much has ALWAYS been single.

It never bothered me before, but at the age of over twenty it's now getting to that stage where it does.

I'm not desperate, not at all. I don't want a random relationship with just any guy just to be able to say 'i have a boyfriend'. but any potential real Mr Right sure is taking his sweet time about coming into my life.

It's not like I'm a psycho or anything, or else I'd understand it.

I'm a girl who loves to laugh, I'm a slim/lean build, and people friends and guys have said I'm pretty and stuff (without meaning to blow my own horn there)

So I've had a total of two guys I had a date thing with, one was for 6 months but it was just exclusive dating we were never a proper couple. The second was not very long ago, I liked this guy and he liked me back, we had a dating thing where we completely acted like boyfriend/girlfriend and yet a few months in, it becomes aparent that that's it, we're not.

Yet any of my friends that were single have all got into relationships. I probably sound jealous, I don't mean it in that way I'm truly happy for my girl friends, except it just means when theyre all off with their other halves I'm left with just me. Sometimes its nice to have your own space, but sometimes it'd be nice to have someone you can share stuff with, and not feel a lonely, almost like there's something missing.

I guess its made worse that it wasn't long ago that I was 'almost dating' this guy who was also someone who was a close friend and all of a sudden we literally barely speak, we've not seen each other in ages and that's just... it.

Is there some place I'm going wrong here?


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  • Why didn't it work out with this other guy?

    • he decided he wasn't looking for a relationship right now... :-s

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