Girls, how well does your guy read you?

Out of curiosity, how well does your boyfriend/husband/etc usually read your expressions, tone of voice, or other hints?

I started thinking about it when I realized my boyfriend has gotten really good at taking my hints. When we're out with friends and something is bothering me or I don't want him to do something, he just has to look at my face and he knows. It's been a lot of trial and error though hah :)

I've always been one to hide my feelings so he's the first guy to be able to read me so well. So I was wondering about other girls' relationships. How good/bad is he at reading you? Has he gotten better over time?

Guys are welcome to answer about their girlfriends, I just aimed it at girls since guys are notorious for not being able to take hints. Tell a funny story about it if you have one :)

  • Very well! Almost always knows what I'm feeling/thinking.
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  • Pretty well, gets it right about half the time.
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  • Not well at all, horrible at taking hints!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It's funny that you should ask because I was just thinking about this lol. My boyfriend reads me very well, better than anyone I've ever dated boyfriend. He usually gets my subtle hints like if I say in a disappointed tone that we haven't seemed to have any alone time in awhile, he'll make sure the house is empty one night that week so we can have our alone time. And if I subtly mention that I miss getting goodnight texts from him, he'll make sure to text me that night or the next if I sleep over. And he even seems to get me on a subconscious level, it's almost like he's in my head randomly lol. Sometimes if we're eating and I start thinking I'm thirsty, he's handing me a drink a few seconds later. It's pretty awesome I gotta say.


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  • I read my girlfriend like an open book. Just by the way she talks or even stands I can tell her mood.


What Girls Said 2

  • he's ignorant and chooses to live like that.

    hypocritically, he doesn't like when I'm brutally honest with him.

    How the heck am I supposed to tell him then?

  • haha my boyfriend knows me too well and I hate when I try to hide that I'm sad or anything. it makes me mad haha. just the way the tone of my voice is or the way I look or say a certin word he knows when I'm mad or sad.