Will I get a second date? How long should I wait for a call before deleting his #?

OK see we met up off an online dating site for coffee...both wanted to see if we clicked. I got lost trying to find the place so that made him wait an hour. we walked around the supermarket and shopped, enjoyed laughs and talked. I apologized for being so late and he said " no its okay, I will only hold it against you if you are late next time and the time after that". In his profile it says, he is not into the typical date, wants to meet for coffee and see if we click first. During our meeting, he said " what's your favorite food? man I should have taken you to this restaurant I know of"...we talked some more laughed...at the end.

After an hour or so of talking in the parking lot, because everything was closing, It was around 10pm, he says " well I don't want to keep you, it was nice meeting you" and gives me a hug. He then turns as I am heading for my car and says " but next time, when you are not lost, we should do something a little proper". How do I interpret this? How long do I wait for a call before I delete his number?


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  • Sounds like he is interested, but he's kind of giving mixed signals. I wouldn't wait longer than 2 weeks. However, if you are interested in him, you should ask him out, and tell him you are really sorry about being late and you take him out to a nice dinner and one of the restaurants you talked about.

    • ugh no definitely bad advice...take him out? I would be attracting the type of man that I don't want in my life. If I want a gentleman I think I should let him pursue me...if not he is not the man I am looking for.

    • It's not bad advice, YOU were late, YOU messed up the first date because you got lost or whatever reason you told him, you probably just took too long getting ready and used that as an excuse. You need to be humble, why would a guy want to go back out with you if you made him wait an hour before he even saw you? You were late, would you be late to a job interview? No, if you were, you definitely wouldn't get hired. I seriously doubt he'll call based on your response.

    • thats fine :)...he gave me the address 20 minutes prior and I am new to the city...if he can't understand that...good riddens.

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  • He sounds like he likes you! But it does sound a bit awkward aswell.

    I would wait 2 weeks, then just move on.