My Boyfriend says we don't talk much on MSN.

The other night I was talking to him on MSN , Then it stopped.. about 30mins later he sends me a message asking why we don't talk much on MSN. I asked him if it bother him , and he said yes .. I agreed it bothers me too. I told how I felt about things , How I'm scared to say stuff sometimes , thinking that he's not going to like something or say he hates it. How I'm I going to talk to him about things he's doesn't like. Then I explain how I try to talk to him , I always ask about his day... He doesn't ask me much , and he always lost in his video games and when I try to talk I get a lot of Oh Okays ... And after tying I give up and stop talking till he says something. I want him to start convo's too , and I asked him why he doesn't and he says ... I have nothing to talk about. What do I do, I'm going to try my best to keep things going .. but is there anything else I can, Any other way I can make it better?

Like we talk like crazy with each other just not on MSN. Help please.


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  • All you need to do is just be yourself. If you guys have chemistry and are compatible, you'll be able to talk to each other and engage each other with ease. Friendship is always a good base for a relationship, so just make sure you guys have a good friendship before anything. talk to each other about your interests, friends, school, whatever. If he can't meet you halfway then don't waste your time with him. you're young and there are plenty of people you can easily have relationships with where you're both interested in one another, not just talking while one of you plays video games. it takes two :)


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