Asking a guy to come visit you?

one of my guy friends lives in the city a little over an hour away from me. I've only known him for seven or so months. I've spent a couple hours over the span of 3 days with him, then just a month ago I went to his city and spent 5 hours with him(walking around). I really want to see him again. I miss him a lot. his girlfriend lives a few hours away from him, so he goes on the train every weekend to visit her. do you think it would be weird if I asked him to come visit me? or mention that he should come see me? I don't think its like crossing the line, because when I went to his city he pretty much offered that he see me when I was there. I'm kinda scared to do it too :p what should I do?


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  • You should ask him. I think it's only fair if you visit him and see him. I don't see the problem with you asking. Just ask him and see what he says. If your scared and shy then don't do it. I only think it's fair since you take the time to see him and visit him if he could return the favor.


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