How often do you contact the girl you're dating when it's still new?

at the 6-week mark of dating, and things have started to get physical, is it necessary to keep in touch often between dates or is it still too early for that? if dates are fun and full of conversation but not a lot of contact in between dates, at this point is it a deal breaker? does it mean guy isn't that into girl and vice/versa?


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  • no I prefer as a guy saving up time in between dates to give us a lot of subject manner to be able to chat about together face to face ,I find the phone and chatting through text to be impersonal. Though do enjoy a good long phone call to break up the week, but I usually let the lady initiate the whole phone call thingy as it seems to be very big to them.

    • oh that's interesting. so guys can still be totally into a girl but if busy (and this guy is honestly very busy) and not much of a phone guy it's not necessarily a bad thing I don't hear from him unless we are talking about planning next date? because when we are together I truly feel he is very into me.

    • yep definitely if he is noticeably busy but, then you have too look at factors like how much of his spare or "me" time he's spending with you , from the way you have made it sound this guy is relatively spending a ton of his good time with you. SO yes you can rest assured you are taking up a lot of his thoughts even if he isn't chatting to you every single hour of every single day.

    • ok thank you!

  • I contacted her probably once an hour (unless we were on the phone longer than that) during times we were awake.

    • Once an hour?...stalker?

    • No the stalker part was before we met in person. We were writing letters. I said "here's my phone number. Call me" she didn't. I had her address and first name. So I went to the library and got the reverse phone book. Looked up her address, got her full name and phone number. First time I called her she freaked. But I liked the voice and kept calling. That was in 1996. I still like the voice.

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