If I don't talk or text to him for a few days, will he miss me?

So there was a really weird coincidence. My friends were messing around with me and "told" me they sent this guy (that I kinda like) a text message joking around. They said they "deleted" it so I don't know what it said, I asked him about that and he said that the text said that I like him and want to be his girlfriend. But then later, my friends told me they actually never sent it to him and that it was in my "drafts" on my phone. So I was really confused. AND also the next 2 or so days, I kept bumping into him everywhere, literally. And then now, we don't anymore and we haven't really been talking...

Welll...oops I'm kinda exaggerating it because it's been only a day we haven't talked yet.


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  • Its hard to tell because one of them is lying and without solid evidence or a lie detector you will never know. If he's avoiding you now, then chances are he won't pay much attention to you not texting him. How did you act when he said that? Did you make it seem like he was right and that you do like him? Him avoiding you would suggest that he isn't interested in you if so. Or he could just think that you don't like him.