My first relationship...Is it just me thinking too much?

so.. I've been dating with my boyfriend for about a month and he is my frist bf.. the strange thing is that I don't feel like I'm in love or even feel like we are a couple. when we are with friends, we act like we are normal friends...we might hold hands once in a while, but it wouldn't be very obvious . we don't talk as much as we used to when he was chasing after me. he would always return my calls or texts, but now it would take him a long while or even doesn't return. not only that, but it seems like he would only wants to see me in the weekend only..

since we only been together for a month, I thought the beginning of the relationship should be very sweet and both of us would want to see each other very often, but I don't feel that at all.

so is it just me thinking too much or something is actually work with this relationship?


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  • Naw, you're just not into him that much. It's OK. the next relationship will probably be better


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  • Let break this down.

    1) You don't feel you're in love. And you shouldn't after one month. Love grows over time and there is no reason to rush yourself into feeling a certain way before you really know your partner.

    2) You don't even feel like you are a couple. A common misconception about dating is that you automatically become a couple. Nope until you start moving your schedules and goals around to accommodate each other you just happen to be two individuals that are dating.

    3) You act like normal friends when you are around your other friends. Good. You're not making anyone feel awkward that way.

    4) You don't talk as much as you used to. Has something else in his life changed that takes up a lot of time or put him under a lot of stress? Only wanting to see you on the weekends may simply be that weekends are the time he can afford to spend on something other than studying for finals.

    5)The beginning of a relationship can be very sweet or full or lust or even cautious. There is no norm here. Still there is an important question you need to ask yourself before committing more time to this. Does he make me happy when I'm with him?

    6) Honestly it sounds like you are starting a pretty healthy relationship but you may just not be into him that much.