She still misses me... But is it worth going back to her?

This all started off as a mutual rebound that ended up being way more serious than I think anyone (me, her, or the friend that set us up) initially intended. We were seeing each other almost every day for 2 months, going to several movies together, nice restaurants, bars, dancing, bowling, etc.

We weren't in a real relationship, but we were exclusive and spending a great deal of time together. Eventually I realized I was falling for this girl. When I told her initially I didn't get a response, and for a few days we were talking like normal but when I saw her in person she obviously was struggling. She broke down crying, she 'didn't think she could keep doing this', she wasn't entirely over her ex yet even though it's been months and he's taken, but she does really like me and wants to stay friends. I asked if there was another guy or something and she insisted no.

So for the last 3 weeks I've tried to stay friends. I've been extremely busy (both a good and a bad thing) and haven't talked to her much up until two nights ago. She was at my apartment comforting/drinking with my roommate, a friend of hers who had broken up with her boyfriend that day. I'd just returned from practice and needed to shower, but when I stepped out afterward she was right there with 'that' look in her eye telling me how good I looked and that she's missed me.

I dodged her kiss, told her I couldn't do this, I was sorry but I couldn't be just a hookup anymore, she told me she understood. She quickly realized she had just epicly f*cked up her own 'just friends' agreement and apologized for most of the rest of the night. Around 2 am I got a text from her saying she was really sorry yet again, she just wished she had someone with her right now, she hasn't been with anyone else and really missed me. She then realized that's still over the friends line and apologized for another hour before saying 'I know you'll meet someone soon to make you happy, you're an awesome guy'.

And now the next night I got a text at 2 am asking how things are going. Is there any chance this works out to a serious relationship? Or is it time to abandon ship and totally give up on this girl?


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    You like this girl? GO AFTER HER. If you don't you'll be plagued by it for a LONG, LONG time. It will ruin future relationships of yours, it will plague you like locusts of the mind if you never find out.

    People act weird when emotions are involved...girls especially. CONFRONT HER straight up and LOOK INTO HER EYES; don't be afraid to be a little aggressive when you do so. TELL HER you can't stop thinking about her, and you want to give it a shot.

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