Should I be worried? How can I handle this?

So there is this girl and I, we are in love and text all day and call all night with the occasional hanging out. We've known each other for a whole year now (it will be a year on dec 18th), but I can't say I'm on her dad's good side.

Idk if he wants me to date her because she's still alittle young (I'm almost 18, she's 15) and he has a whole bunch of rules.

He wants us to only text for 30 minutes a day, everyday. But I can't do it, and neither can she. Her dad told me I wasn't helping my chances of dating her in the future by breaking the rules.

Point is, I want to get on her dad's good side; but I don't know if I can handle only talking to her only 30 minutes a day (and yes, she feels the same way)

What should I do?


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  • I think you need to do as he father says. You are too young to be hung up on someone like this. And she definitely is! Relationships that start off this fast this young NEVER work out in the long run. If you can do as her dad says, you have a better chance. If not ,then you're that into her and need to move on.


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  • Deal with it and do as her father says. It'll work out better for both of you in the long run.


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